Lab Members

This lab stands firmly in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and against all racism and violence against Black, Indigenous, Asian, and other individuals who have experienced historic and systemic discrimination. 

Lead PI
Dr. Tesla Monson- Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at WWU.

Graduate Students

Mia Price, MA Student

Bio: Hi! I’m Mia! (She/Her/They/Them) I’m a first-year graduate student in the Anthropology Department at Western Washington University. My research interests include Forensic Anthropology, Bio-archaeology, Human Sexuality and advocating for Comprehensive Queer BIPOC informed Sex Education



Jack Szvetecz, MA Student

Bio: I am an Anthropology MA student with interests in paleobiology, evolution and ecology, and Primates. My research focus is on Eocene (56-33.9 mya) primate ecologies. I have a BS in Anthropology: Human Evolutionary Biology from the University of Washington.

Undergraduate Students

Lauren Avery
Julia Epps
Winnie Killingsworth
Jenna Nolasco

I am currently recruiting undergraduate and graduate students to work in my lab. Paid positions and work study available. Some examples of potential projects: cranial and dental variation in the primate fossil record, the evolution of brain size in the mammal fossil record, the evolution of litter size, changes in skeletal variation in PNW mammals in the Holocene, dog domestication in the Americas, history of marginalized scholars in biological anthropology, and many, many more.

Please contact me for more information about the lab and/or how to apply.

Timeline for graduate applications

FALL: Reach out to potential faculty that you would be interested in working with. Make sure and familiarize yourself with their research and the work they do in their lab. Write a friendly and professional (but brief! 200-300 words) email explaining why you want to pursue a MA degree at Western and why you want to work with them. Include a CV or resume. You should also reach out to faculty that you would like to write your letters of reference. Faculty need at least 1 month to write a strong letter.

WINTER: Fill out your application. Never hesitate to request feedback from faculty members or other students in your current department. Applications are due by January 15th. You can find all the application information at these sites:


See also the Funding Opportunities page.